If the patient is in pain or discomfort, please call Dr. Briss immediately.  Please have as much information available as possible regarding the problem. 

If the patient is not in pain, but you are concerned about a problem, please call the office during normal business hours, Tuesdays through Fridays, as soon as possible. 

During Office Hours: If you have an emergency, please call our office immediately at (978) 256-2526. We will schedule an appointment for the patient to see the doctor. Please have as much information available as possible regarding the problem.

Please be aware that our office is closed on Mondays and may be closed other days based on the doctor’s schedule. If you call the office and the answering machine is on, please listen carefully to the message and follow the instructions.

Outside of Office Hours: If you need to reach the doctor when the office is closed, please call (978) 256-2526, follow the prompts and listen to the message.

The message will state an emergency number to reach Dr. David Briss or a clinician covering the office.   When Dr. David Briss is not on call, our answering machine will have the current emergency number to call. If we are closed, please do not leave emergency information on the answering machine for a patient in pain; call the emergency number provided on the answering machine. Messages on the answering machine are only picked up the next business day we are in.